Utopias In-Progress is a meta-work exploring the relationship between art and politics and art and its public. The work is based on an essay with the same title which was rejected by the publication that commissioned it. The piece was performed and recorded on site at the Red House Centre for Culture and Debate in Sofia, Bulgaria on May 15 and 16, 2011, and included as a video installation in the Gulliver Hall gallery at the Red House.

Visitors were invited to write or draw on the paper and to tear pieces to take home. At the end of the exhibition, the large 10-meter long scroll was cut into pieces given to interested parties, some of them workers at the Red House, with the stipulation that they could share the piece with others in the same spirit without financially profiting from it.

anti-capitalist art scroll, from Utopias In-Progress, by Gita Hashemi